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About Us

"Be the best you can be everyday in everything you do and to all the people you encounter during your day"


Ariane Stevenson

How many times have you booked a property only to be disappointed upon check in when the pictures and description do not match the ads in the booking?  

Lavish Services prides themselves in setting up beautiful vacation rentals.. Our level of standards and procedures are quite high but still ensuring a causal "lake life" attitude to ensure that you and your guests truly get a taste of what lake life is.

Our job as vacation rental advisors and consultants is to make sure that your investment is well ran and profitable.

Tell us what your needs are.  Ask us about all the of fun stuff and things to do in the area.

We promise you your guests will return every year if you are well set up.

Tid bits about your property manager / advisor / consultant......

Ariane was born and raised in Quebec City.  She speaks fluently French and English.  She grew up working in the service industry and film industry with a passion for Property Management and Guest Services.  Ariane is very active in the community, if she's not working you'll find her on a golf course, surfing or wine tasting and saying hello to all of the local businesses.  If you have something you'd love to try simply just ask Ariane, more then likely she will have tried it.  



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